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Second week over

must do some laundry

Not much to report over the last couple of days, busy at work, did some shopping in LIDL and some electrical store for a toaster, couldn't find anything I needed in the food hall - nothing in English, so back to the apartment, dinner - bed, my life is one big party , oh yes - went to the laundrette as I'm running out of clothes, needed to see what I to do - no one there to ask, just these instructions - help anyone??


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Washing Day

What the hell is a Laundrette

OK so went to laundrette to see if there was anyone who could help me decipher the lingo on the instructions, and it was my luck the only person in there today was Chinese and only spoke a little English, still I suppose it was better than my Chinese, anyway between us I think I got the gist of what I had to do - took an hour or so with the drying, so had a wander around - in the rain


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Another boring Sunday


Decided to get up early as I had a lot of ironing to do (see wifey I can iron if I have to)


Then as it's such a nice day, thought I'd have a wander around shops, forgetting it's a Sunday, and nothing is open,

so toddled of to the park again for a proper trek.


After 30 mins of that - that's a serious walkabout for me, thought I'd treat myself to some beer and cake in the park cafe


back to apartment (second floor)


On Morckhoven


for a movie and footie - so a good day, not so boring after all :-)

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Third week

work work work

Unfortunately the guy from UK I was supposed to be working with has has a worse time than me, I was just bitten to death, he ended up in hospital with norovirus and out of the three weeks he's only been in the office for three or four days, which means I've had to do both jobs and it's been a bit full on this last week especially.

Anyway it's the weekend now just gonna look at the garden or people watch on the balcony with a wine and chill


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That was one long month

phew tfft

OK as the last week was pretty uneventful, here are a few pics of my way back to old Blighty

This little sod was at my window again at 5am bloody cooing

Scott gave me a lift to Antwerp Station (the wrong end), took be 15 minutes up and down escalators to get to he ticket desk

after picking up tickets and having two hours to wait for my train, decided on food, shall go to The Boston Steakhouse?

nope, how about the Argentinian Steakhouse

nope - maybe some Australian Ice cream

how about a beer in the Duke of Antwerp

or a couple in Beer Central (after all the do have over 300 of them)

nope OK fed up looking now - so it's a cheese and ham omelette and a pint of Kilkenny in Kelly's Irish Pub

As I was eating outside and the wind was bloody cold thought I eat quickly and go back to the station to see if my ticket would allow me to catch an earlier train, and luckily I could - so was in Amsterdam an hour early so had another 3 hours to shop, eat and beer myself to a standstill
spent a long time here

ahhh.....22:30pm HOME AT LAST

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