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Day 6

Nice trip

More meetings, and had a site tour with Team Leader, when I say tour I mean tour, this factory is over many square acres, and he walks at a cantor, and as most of it was outside and the sun was quite warm, by the end of the tour I had to go to the toilets and strip off my sweaty shirt and cool down for 10 minutes.

When I got back to my desk about 30 minutes later he said shall we all go to the Golf Club for huge steak lunch, as it was only just after 11 I said OK, five minutes later he said OK lets go, so we were eating steaks and drinking beer at 11:30am, as he wanted to get back for another team meeting at 13:00pm


We had yet another meeting, and after an hour or so he asked if he could drop Scott and I of in town as he was taking Marijn to pick up his Lotus and it was on the way, so not one to refuse an early finish said yes, We were all off out via the front reception of the building which has a lot of steps down to the car park, which Mr Blind as a Bat managed to trip over and come crashing down the steps in one big heap, falling on my laptop bag and cutting both knees - what a plonker.

Had a beer in the Irish bar while Scott waited for his train, when he left I went to my bus stop across the road, it said my bus was in 5 minutes, though great, not so - not only did that bus not turn up but neither of the next two either, was stood on a freezing bus stop for nearly an hour.

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Day 7

I'm an Analyst get me out of here

Had to get up at 4:30am, bites were itching too much, opened one of the huge mirrored wardrobes to get my toiletries and the door which I could hardly lift came off the hinges and fell on me, what more could go wrong this week???, anyway as it was so early though I'd leave it until 9am to call reception to speak to manager. When I called reception to speak to manager was told the manager was not in until midday, ok so I waited till about 12:30pm and asked to speak to the manager or get the manager to come to my room to see the state I was in, the receptionist asked me to tell her what the problem was and I said I'd only speak with the manager, she would not listen and asked me again what the problems were, so I said that I'd had enough and told her I was checking out two days early.

Heres a few pics of the state I was in, some I can't publish as they were in very painful places!!


Called Marijn and asked if I could stay at his place couple of days early and thankfully he said no problem, so packed my bags and asked reception for my two days booking back, and call me a cab, which normally they wouldn't do, but I think they were glad to get rid of me in case I had a rant.

Got over to Marijn's - nice place, unfortunately no washing machine so would have to go to the laundrette for the firat time since the 70's.

Marijn, has a collection of cigars and watches ( he's trained watchmaker)

Heres a few pics of the apartment

IMG_20170325_181352.jpgIMG_20170326_144017.jpgIMG_20170325_181453.jpgIMG_20170326_141852.jpgIMG_20170326_141753.jpgIMG_20170326_144102.jpgIMG_20170326_143841.jpg[img=http://photos.travellerspoint.com/885545/IMG_20170326_144314.jpg thumb=d
As soon as I got there Marijn had to leave as he was on his way to his girlfriends in Amsterdam, so had the rest of the day to myself, so popped off to the local store for provisions the supermarket was something out of the 60's, and didn't provide bags so had to put everything in a box and walk back to the apartment about half a mile in quite warm sunshine, made myself a salad and was so knackered as I'd had very little sleep over the last few days, went to bed early before 9pm, and woke up at 9am the next morning the most sleep I'd had in ages.

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Day 8

And relax

Got up after 9am - really late for me and rustled up some breakfast - boiled egg on toast and percolated coffee, the coffee went straight into the sink as I bought salt instead of sugar, ended up with orange juice,

Had a lazy day, did a couple of hours catch up with what I was doing at work, then watched some Game of Thrones, made a cheese omelette ans salad for lunch and later went for a walk around the local park.


Got back watched a film and called home by then it was the England match, which I fell asleep through most off, far too much exercise that day for me.

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Day 9

Bloody busses

Looked on google for local busses, found a bus just down the road that took me to the bus station where I had to change for another, about 75 minutes in all, so left early 6:30am and stood on the bus sto, bus was at 6:43, waited and waited, it was the a woman came out of her house to say the bus doesn't use that stop any more, so as I didn't have any signal on my phone had to go back to apartment and hook up to the wifi to get another bus route, found one about a mile away so off i trotted. Finaly got to the office at 8:30am.

Luckily another of the team said she only lives around the corner from my apartment and would pick me up in the morning, she also have me a lift home after work, showing me where a better supermarket was (LIDL), so after she dropped me off I changed into my jeans and popped off to get some thing I'd missed the other day.

By the time I'd finished picking up the few things they ended up in to big LIDL bags, which I had to struggle back about a mile with.

Marijn is back tonight 9pm, so will have someone to talk to again.

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Day - Something or other - whatever - I've forgotten now


Decided to go to work with Marijn today in his Lotus Elise, have you any idea how hard it is for an old arthritic has been to get into a low slung sports car, well ponder no more - it's EF'ing impossible, when I say it's EF'ing impossible to get in, it's a job for a professional contortionist to EF'ing get out and when you have to do it three or four times in the same day - all I can say is thank god for a good bath and a few beers.

That's it a normal boring worky work day and a bit of shopping - oh for a normal life - happy emoji, happy emoji

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